Our Work

Algunos de los servicios que ofrecemos son:

  • New construction
  • Anteproyecto
  • Proyecto Ejecutivo
  • Dirección de  obra
  • Diseño de mobiliario
  • Regularizaciones
  • Alterations
  • Ampliaciones
  • Reciclajes


Analysis of technical and economic viability
We act as consultants to determine the viability of investment projects, considering urban implantation and feasibility of land uses.

We provide professional technical consultancy to individuals and companies in particular. Inspections, blueprint reading, Technical Reports, Purchase of real estate.

We implement: alterations, additions, recycling, new construction.

Furniture Design
We carry out furniture design, studying each area, to exploit and highlight its quality.

Final design and construction documentation
We developed the details for carrying out the work, taking into account different aspects: structure, electrical, sanitary, thermal conditioning, and masonry.